Food Safety

Health Protection Officers (HPOs) investigate notifiable infectious diseases which may be associated with the consumption of contaminated foods.  Food- borne illnesses include Campylobacteriosis, Listeriosis, Salmonellosis, Hepatitis A, Shigellosis, VTEC (E.coli) infection, Typhoid, Listeriosis and Gastroenteritis.


HPOs investigate suspected food-borne illnesses reported directly by members of the public, as well as confirmed cases reported by laboratories/health care workers. The  goal of this investigation is to identify the source of the illness and provide public health advice.

To report a suspected or confirmed case of food-borne illness, please contact the On-Call Health Protection Officer on (09) 430 4100.


For any further information, please call the Health Protection Unit on (09) 430 4100.


Useful links:

  • For information on Notifiable Diseases, visit the Ministry of Health's Notifiable Diseases
Food- and water-borne diseases | Ministry of Health NZ
  • For information on Food Safety
New Zealand Food Safety Authority 


Food Safety Complaints and suspected breaches of food for sale regulations

For food safety complaints relating to suspected breaches of food for sale regulations (such as foreign objects in food, undeclared allergens, mislabelling) - please contact the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 0800 00 83 33 or

MPI is now directly responsible for:

  • the application of the Food Standards Code to foods and the labelling of packaged products.  For more information please click here
  • imported foods control and the issue of export food certificates. For more information please click here

Condition and Hygiene of Food Premises

For any matters relating to the condition and hygiene of food premises, please contact the local authority Environmental Health Officers:

  • Kaipara District Council - 0800 727 059

  • Whangarei District Council - 430 4200
  • Far North District Council - 0800 920 029