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Immunisation and Pregnancy DVD

The best care for you and your baby begins long before birth.

These videos describe some choices you can make so you get the best care for you and your baby.  

The programmes include information about:

•    enrolling with a midwife and doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant. This means that you and your baby get all the care you are entitled to

•    immunising against influenza and whooping cough while pregnant

•    enrolling your baby with a doctor as soon as possible after baby is born

•    immunising your baby on time to protect against serious illness

Immunise your children on time



Immunise on time for best protection



Immunisation protects against preventable diseases


Enrol with a midwife and enrol baby with a GP

Immunise against Influenza and Pertussis during pregnancy

Angela 'Flash' Gordon - Immunise on time

Dr Lance O'Sullivan - Immunise on time

Dyan Manning - Immunise on time

Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha – Immunise on time

Kate and John – Immunise on time

Tauha Tekani - Immunise on time



Immunisation –A parents view


Whooping cough immunisation



Making choices about immunisation




Influenza and Pregnancy

Kim was 36 weeks pregnant when she became ill with influenza and had to have an emergency caesarean delivery to save her life. She had a prolonged period of unconsciousness and a very long recovery period, missing out on the first six weeks of her babies’ lives.



Con Waikimmune

Con Immune V2

CON Immune V1

EDTV immunisation

Ad Immune 1

EDTV Meningitis

Vaccinate against Whooping Cough - Protect yourself and your baby