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Health Services Plan

The Northland Health Services Plan (NHSP) is a 5-year plan with a 20-year horizon. Taking a 'whole-of-system’ approach - our Triple Aim focus is on addressing population health, delivering a high-quality patient experience and considering cost and productivity.

We need to do things differently to address the impending tsunami of escalating demand for services. Specifically, we need to be dealing with health needs more effectively ‘upstream’, in the primary and community setting. This will require the whole of the health sector – the DHB, primary health care, Maori providers and other NGOs – to work together to redesign the system.

The system is under pressure from an ageing population and increasing prevalence of long-term conditions. If we do nothing, in a few years time we will have an unsustainable health service. In four years, with no increases in the national health budget, the DHB will go from financial breakeven to a $30m deficit. In 15 years we will need 170 extra beds, about 70% of Whangarei Hospital’s current capacity, just to deal with the impacts of the ageing population and growth in diabetes.

Northland Health Services Plan (NHSP) Team and Portfolio of Work

Liane Penney is the Northland Health Services Plan Portfolio Manager.  The role has responsibility for coordinating the implementation of the Northland Health Services Plan.  The Plan is a 5-year strategic plan with a 20-year horizon and was developed with the wider Northland health sector.  Through the implementation of the plan, we aim to simultaneously achieve improvements in population health, improved patient experience and financial sustainability.  Five major projects of the Northland Health Services Plan are:


First 2000 Days

Project Manager: Jacqui Westren


Neighbourhood Healthcare Homes



Patient and Whanau Centred Care

Project Manager: Keri Linklater


Fit for Life

Project Manager: Warren Moetara





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