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Your Health Counts – Please Be Counted  

Every year, thousands of people who live in Northland don’t tell Statistics NZ that they call Northland home. This means the Ministry of Health’s Population-Based Funding Formula doesn’t provide the DHB with the funds to provide healthcare for thousands of people using our services.

Before the next Census happens on Tuesday 6 March 2018, please remind whānau, everyone you work with and everyone you care for to complete the Census – online or paper form to increase health funding for Northland.

It’s about letting the government know you live in Northland so they can fund the DHB for everyone’s healthcare. Every completed Census provides the DHB with funds for each person each year for the next five years.

Remember, your Census information is completely secure and confidential. Your privacy is important to us.

The information you give is used to help plan and provide the healthcare services you deserve.

Your Health Counts, so please make sure you and your whānau are counted on or before 6 March, at 

If you’re wondering why the DHB is involved…

Northland DHB really needs your help to get the Census completed so millions more in health funding can be released back into the community.

Statistics NZ do a wonderful job trying to get everybody to complete their Census, and we’re asking you to help them and us so everyone living in Northland is counted.

It doesn’t take long

If you’re one of the people thinking “Yeah, nah” about the Census – please fill it in.

The Census can be completed in 10-20 minutes per person on any mobile device, whether laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Or call 0800 236 787 and ask for a paper form.

You can help your family fill it out from Feb 23

The Census lets you speak up for everybody who lives in your home. You are able to fill in the Census for anybody who has trouble with reading and writing, such as children or people who are unwell. The information you give needs to accurately capture who’s in your household on March 6, but the two week lead-up gives you plenty of time to get your Census sussed.

Everybody’s completing it online

In the two weeks before Census night you’ll receive an access code in the mail with which you can complete your Census online. Census staff will follow up by posting paper forms and doing a home visit if you don’t complete your Census.

You can fill out your Census on any internet-capable device whether a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Staff at clinics and hospitals can help point you towards paper or electronic forms to get your Census completed.

Even if you’re under medical care around Census time, such as in a hospital, your hospital staff will help ensure you’re counted.

Being counted is so important to Northland DHB

Every one of the 175,000 or more people estimated to live here will contribute to the DHB budget to provide the healthcare services you deserve.

Everybody Counts

Citizens, residents, permanent residents, students on visas and visitors on tourist visas, refugees, migrants and more – everybody in the country on March 6 is asked to complete the Census, please.

If I forget to do my Census before Tuesday, March 6, will I be in trouble?

Staff from the Census team at Statistics NZ will send you paper forms after March 6 if you haven’t completed your Census. They’ll try to visit your home to help if you don’t send in a paper form.

But surely the government already knows if I live in Northland?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The number of people enrolled with a general practitioner tells us there are thousands of more people living in Northland than the 2013 Census indicated – but we only get funded based on the Census population, not the population registered with the general practitioner.

This is why Northland DHB needs your Census information to be up to date and accurate.

Also, there are rules, designed for your protection, which prevent a lot of the information about who lives here being shared, so the Census count is really important.

Census results matter to the Ministry

It will be around October before Northland’s population is finally counted. Then that information will be registered with the Ministry of Health, which will then release funding back to Northland DHB – and hopefully, we’ll have an accurate count of how many people we need to budget for!

Northland DHB - Census Resources

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