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Common Questions about Alert Level 3

New Zealand moved out of Alert Level 4 lockdown to Alert Level 3 at 11.59 pm on Monday 27 April.

We will hold at Alert Level 3 for two weeks, before Cabinet reviews how we are tracking and makes further decisions on 11 May.

At Alert Level 3, we need to be even more vigilant, and need to keep taking measures to stay safe and well – such as: 

  • Regularly disinfect surfaces
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu-like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline on 0800 358 5453
  • Continue to seek primary medical care.

Q & A

Can I still get tested at the Community Testing Clinics? 

Our clinics will still be running throughout Te Taitokerau. 
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Can we go to the doctor? 

GPs are still open but will hold most appointments over the telephone or via video conferencing. 

Can patients have visitors while in hospital?        
To protect patients, whānau and staff, public access to our hospitals will continue to be restricted during Alert Level 3.
  •  All inpatients can identify two people as their nominated visitors for one visit a day

  • Visiting hours will be between 11.00am and 8.00pm and visitors can remain for up to two hours

  • Additional visitors and extended visit times may be permitted on compassionate grounds, at the discretion of the nurse in charge or clinical nurse managers

  • Labouring mothers can have a birthing partner with them throughout delivery. A nominated visitor as above, during their postnatal stay

  • Additional restrictions may be in place for patients awaiting, or with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis this will be at the discretion of the nurse in charge.

Can we go back to work? 

At Alert Level 3, everyone must still work from home unless that is not possible. Workplaces can be reopened if the work cannot be done from home, and the workplace can operate consistently with public health guidance. However, there cannot be contact with the public.
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Can we travel in Level 3? 

Travel is limited to within Northland and even then keep it just short distances – you cannot go and stay at your bach or holiday home – stay in your bubble, which is your home.
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Can we mix bubbles? 

Under Alert Level 3, you can slightly extend your bubble. These people do not need to live in the same household, but must be local. Always keep your bubble exclusive, and keep it small.
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Can we have a tangihanga, funeral or get married?  

Gatherings present a very high risk of transmitting COVID-19. In Level 3, up to 10 people can gather for these events – however, you will need to keep a list of attendees, and no food or meals can be shared afterwards, and physical distancing rules will still apply.
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Is it safe to send our kids to school? 

Where possible, students should remain at home connected to distance learning. Where parents or caregivers need to, they can send their children to school where there will be far fewer students on the grounds, and they will stay within their small groups. The restrictions on the numbers of children are necessary due to the need for physical distancing, transport constraints, and limited resources. The limits also help reduce the risk.
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Can I leave the House?  

You can leave the House to get essentials, go to work if you can’t work from home and exercise at parks and beaches that are a short distance from your home.

Can I go shopping? 

Retail shops will remain closed for face to face sales – however, you can make online or phone orders and have them delivered or arrange to collect them. Retail storefronts cannot open to customers (except supermarkets, dairies and petrol stations).

Can we go to restaurants 

Not in Level 3. However, you may be able to arrange to have food delivered or click and collect.

Do I still need PPE? 

If your job requires it, you need to keep wearing it. 

Are playgrounds open? 

No – playground equipment is still unsafe to use.

Can we play sport again? 

Not at Level 3.

What about water sports and tramping? 

Swimming, surfing and fishing off the beach or wharf are allowed. However, it isn’t advised to take up any of these sports if you’ve never done them before during this time. 
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