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Update #47

Liz Inch,

The Ministry of Health is extremely sad to report four additional deaths linked to COVID-19 infection. This brings the total of deaths in New Zealand to nine, six of which involve Rosewood residents being cared for at Burwood.

Aged Residential Care (ARC)

We know residents of New Zealand aged residential care facilities make up some of our most vulnerable communities, particularly if COVID-19 is able to take hold. 

Northland DHB is working closely with ARC facilities on workforce planning, infection control assessments and support.  

  • There are no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Northland today. There are 26 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Northland (24 confirmed and 2 probable cases)
  • There are NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Northland hospitals, 18 people are self-isolating in the community and 8 have recovered
  • Ethnic breakdown of our confirmed cases include 7 Māori, 17 European, 1 Pacific and 1 Middle Eastern/Latin American/African
  • 2,268 tests have been carried out in Northland to date across Primary Care, Northland DHB hospitals and Community Based Testing Centres (CBTCs)
  • 1,701 (75%) tests carried out at CBTCs.

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