Update #72 | Northland DHB

Update #72

Update #72


No new cases (confirmed and probable) in Northland for 24 days!

  • 28 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Northland (26 confirmed and 2 probable cases)
  • We have no cases of COVID-19 in hospital. 27 of the 28 total cases have now recovered.
  • Ethnic breakdown of our confirmed cases include 8 Māori, 18 European, 2 Other

 An update on testing:

  • 7,403 tests have been carried out in Northland to date across Primary Care, Northland DHB hospitals, Community Based Testing Centres (CBTCs) and Aged Residential Care
  • 5,428 tests (76%) of all tests in Northland have been carried out at CBTCs and mobile testing.
  • 1,547 people were tested across CBTC’s and mobile testing for the week of 4-10 May. This is the highest number of tests on a 7-day rolling total so far.

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