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COVID-19 Update

Paula Martin,

24 March 2020

The number of confirmed cases remains unchanged - Northland have NO new or probable cases of COVID-19.

New Zealand has 40 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 at 10 am this morning; taking the combined total of confirmed and probable cases is 155. 

The total combined number of confirmed and probable cases will now be reported each day.

By midnight on Wednesday New Zealand will be at alert level 4, which means that only essential healthcare services – in hospitals, general practice, pharmacy, and elsewhere in the community - will remain open. All other services will be shut down nationally. This will mean that almost all planned care, including surgery, will be postponed. 

From a public health perspective, this is the right decision. It allows us the very best opportunity to stop and contain the spread of COVID-19 in Aotearoa. If we all do our bit, unite against COVID-19 and follow official advice we have the best chance of protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Regular updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page

Visit the New Zealand Government(external link) page for all other information on COVID-19.

Phone Northland DHB 0800 600 720(external link) - for COVID-19 enquiries

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