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Patients benefit from the Northland COVID-19 Patient Support Fund

Dean Reihana is 71 years old and lives alone in a council’s pensioner unit in Kawakawa. He has been on dialysis treatment for five years now. He is one of the patients who was granted financial assistance from the COVID-19 Patient Support Fund.

The COVID-19 Patient Support Fund was set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides $500 grants towards patients of Northland DHB Hospitals who require financial assistance due to the pandemic.

Dean goes for dialysis treatment every other day at the hospital from 6:30am to 12:30pm.

“After lying down flat for five and a half hours, I often get very dizzy and need a rest when I get home. It takes a while for the blood to get back into the system. The aches and pains really go through one’s body and mind,” Dean says.  

He is “very happy and grateful” for the assistance he received for the power bill payment from the Patient Support Fund.

“It is a big help to me!” he says.

“The concrete building that my one-bedroom unit is in is very cold and I need heating to keep the unit warm.”

To save on heating hot water, Dean has to turn off the heating unit every other day. He would go without hot water sometimes because he is worried about the power bill. Hence, he is exceptionally grateful that his power bills are taken care of this winter.

About $9,800 has been granted to patients of Northland DHB through the COVID-19 Patient Support Fund so far. Your support of the COVID-19 Patient Support Fund is greatly appreciated.  

Priority is given to patients who are 55 years and over, living in rural or isolated areas, in a difficult financial situation, and managing a long-term or acute condition(s).

Dean Reihana benefits from the Northland COVID-19 Patient Support Fund

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