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Public Health Advisory - Hātea River, Whangārei

UPDATE - Friday 28 April: The algal bloom on the stretch of river from the Town Basin to Kaiwaka Point near the airport at Onerahi has cleared and there is no longer risk from contact with the water or fishing on it. 


An algal bloom is developing on the Hātea River in Whangārei and the public are advised to avoid contact with the water and refrain from fishing in the river until further notice.

Monitoring indicates that the area affected is from the Town Basin vicinity to Kaiwaka Point near the airport at Onerahi.

Other key points:

  • Algal bloom is a naturally-occurring event.
  • Water sampling from Town Basin and Kissing Point sites indicate high levels of an algae species that is toxic to fish.
  • The algae toxin causes mucous on the gills of fish. Currently no fish mortalities have been reported.
  • Members of the public have observed very dark water in the impacted area.
  • Dogs consuming any dead fish may be at risk.
  • Northland Regional Council will continue to monitor the event.
  • This is separate advisory to the current shellfish warning issued by Nga Tai Ora Public Health.

For further information, contact Nga Tai Ora On-Call Health Protection via 09 430 4100.

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