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Rotary Whangārei South Support Point of Care Blood Gas Analysers   

Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora Te Tai Tokerau is very grateful to Rotary Whangārei South for their generous support in providing funds for the purchase of two point-of-care blood gas analysers.    

The blood gas analysers are installed in the Kaitaia Accident and Medical Department and Whangārei Hospital Emergency Department.   

Blood gas analysers are used for rapid, on-the-spot tests to support clinical decision-making for a wide range of acutely ill patients of all ages.    

The installation of the two analysers reduces the time required for these test results, which in turn helps to improve the overall patient flow in the departments.   

These patients may present with trauma, pneumonia, sepsis, bleeding, shock, or metabolic problems such as diabetic ketoacidosis.    

Blood specimens are processed on the analysers by nursing staff and health care assistants at point of care, which avoids delays in sending blood specimens to the laboratory for testing.   

The tests provided are very accurate and include acid-base balance, oxygen and carbon dioxide, glucose, and kidney function tests, all of which support diagnosis and decision-making for treatment options for these patients.    

The analysers are connected directly to the hospital computer system so the test results are available very quickly for review by the clinicians.   

Amanda Harrison, Clinical Nurse Educator at Whangārei Emergency Department says, “It’s made a huge difference to efficiency and flow within our department. Previously needing to walk samples next door to the intensive care unit was time consuming and disruptive to our neighbouring colleagues.”    

“Now we have it, we would not be without it. It makes a significant difference as we can get results within a few minutes and it is a quick indicator for how sick our patients are,” adds Amanda.   

In addition, the test results for the patients in Kaitaia can be reviewed by the senior consultants in Whangārei which also supports decision-making for these patients.   

“Thank you to Rotary Whangārei South for your generous support for our patients here in Te Tai Tokerau,” acknowledges Geoff Herd, Point of Care Coordinator at Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora Te Tai Tokerau. 

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