Northland Community Foundation

The Northland Community Foundation was established in 2004 and has been created by and for the people of Northland. Its goal is to provide a simple, effective and long-lasting way for you to give to local causes now and in the future, through a mix of endowment funds and carefully chosen projects.

Seeking to identify and meet the needs of the people in the geographic region it serves, the Northland Community Foundation encourages the spirit of giving as a means of improving our community and adding depth and further value to our society.

They offer a range of services which help donors become involved in community causes of their own choosing and because we put donors at the centre of the giving equation it enhances the charitable outcomes for the community.  And keep costs to a minimum and cover many of them by running some fundraising activities each year to build up our Foundation Fund. They also actively seek grants, donations and sponsorships from commercial organizations, individuals and other community agencies.

The Northland Community Foundation is apolitical and has no religious or cultural affiliations and its governance is provided by a board of volunteer trustees, all of whom are well known members of the Northland Community.

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