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Hospital Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy Service is available for patients, staff and relatives and offers pastoral care, and spiritual guidance to all in Northland DHB Hospitals.  Our purpose is to enable any person in the hospital to deal with pastoral and spiritual issues that directly affect their well-being.  A person's well-being (wholeness) is the result of interaction between their spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical being.

The chaplains pay special attention to spirituality in an endeavour that each person finds the wholeness that their God intended for them. Chaplains are available to anyone of any faith. Respect for a person’s belief is important.

Chaplains Offer

Time to listen, confidentiality, help in looking at life issues, support you so you use your own faith resources, prayer and church sacraments, counselling, encouragement, help in contacting your own religious group or local church on your behalf, and others... all of which can contribute to your wellbeing.

Our Chapels

There is a chapel or a quiet room in each hospital – please ask regarding the location.   You may also have holy communion brought to you at your bedside. Please do make your request known.

To Contact a Chaplain

If you are a patient, a chaplain or chaplaincy assistant may call on you; or you may ask your nurse to contact us.

Our Chaplains
  Jim Nees
Jim trained as a Volunteer Chaplain Assistant in 2003 and has continued to enjoy his involvement in Parish Ministries. He was ordained in July 2012 having completed 4 ½ years study in Auckland. Since 2011 Jim has been employed in his current position as Catholic Chaplain.
  Rev Sue White
Northland Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain
Rev. Sue White is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and holds a master’s Degree in Theology and Inter-Religion. Sue has served in many areas of pastoral ministry, particularly in counselling and nurture.
Sue assumed the position of Ecumenical Chaplain for the Northland DHB through Interchurch Council on Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC) in January 2016. Sue is the supervisor and trainer for the volunteer chaplains assistants throughout the district. Her office is at the Whangarei Hospital and Sue welcomes inquiries or anyone needing assistance from throughout the DHB. 
Rev Julia Vincent
  Volunteer Hospital Chaplain Assistants
The Hospital Chaplain Assistants ministry includes all the hospitals in the North. New intakes from the churches in the community are trained every year; this brings many changes throughout each year. All new members are very welcome and are encouraged to contact Rev Sue White.



Northland Hospital Chaplaincy Trust Members

Volunteer Chaplain Representative

Chaplaincy – Hospital Liaison


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