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Māori Health Service - Te Poutokomanawa

Te Poutokomanawa (Māori Health Service) comprises of four units that provide the core functions which form the basis for Māori health.  


Māori Health Corporate & Leadership

Northland DHB Māori Health Leadership is provided by the General Manager who is focused towards developing and delivering strategies and initiatives to address inequalities and health disparities for Māori who access services in the Northland region. The work involves strengthening Tiriti o Waitangi/ Treaty of Waitangi partnership with Te Taitokerau Iwi, having good relationships with Manaia and Te Taitokerau PHOs, Māori health providers and the wider community.

The work programme is supported by Northland DHB Te Kaunihera Kaumātua and Kaumātua Cultural Advisor who work closely with our Māori community and ensures Northland DHB is following best practice and Tikanga that reflects our Iwi, hapu and communities.

For information please contact:

Megan Hodgson | Executive Assistant
Ph: (09) 430 4100 | E-mail: megan.hodgson@northlanddhb.org.nz

Māori Health Population Health and Strategy Team

The Strategy and Planning team work collaboratively across services in the hospital and community to address inequities and health disparities for Māori by designing strategies and services to meet the needs of whānau when accessing health services. In order to achieve this, the team monitors performance against targets while fostering relationships with our partners.

For more information please contact:

Dr Joy Panoho | Manager
Ph: (09) 430 4100 | E-mail: joy.panoho@northlanddhb.org.nz

Takawaenga Service

Takawaenga service provides a liaison between Māori patients, Whānau and Inpatient Wards to achieve the best health outcome for Māori patients and their whānau.  This includes Dargaville, Bay of Islands and Kaitaia Hospitals.  The Takawaenga service operating hours are between 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Te Whānau Whare is an emergency accommodation service established for whānau supporting whānau in hospital and that live outside of the Whangarei District area.

For more information please contact:

Daniel Gotz | Team Leader 
Ph: (09) 430 4100 | E-mail: Daniel.gotz@northlanddhb.org.nz

Māori Quality Improvment and Workforce Development Team - Te Ara Poutama

The Quality Improvement and Workforce Development Team established to promote:

  • Leadership: by being champions of high-quality health care that delivers equitable health outcomes for Māori.

  • Innovation: by developing innovative tools to effectively deliver and monitor high-quality health care for Māori.

  • Commitment: by recruiting and training a culturally competent health workforce that meets the health care needs and aspirations of Māori.

For more information please contact:

Dr Joy Panoho | Manager
Ph: (09) 430 4100 | E-mail: joy.panoho@northlanddhb.org.nz

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