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Transition to Employment

About the Kia Ora Hauora Progamme

The Kia Ora Hauora Programme is an innovative Māori health workforce development programme for Aotearoa. In most regions the programme is delivered via our District Health Boards or community partners.  

Our aim is to successfully recruit and support more Māori into the Health Workforce by reducing barriers to accessing tertiary education and increasing the number of Māori receiving qualification by supporting retention efforts whilst studying.

There are a number of strategies that we use to do this.  Some of these strategies include;

  • KOH Connect Portal
  • Professional Profiling Services
  • Grants towards final examination fees or registration
  • Start-Up Grant 
KOH Connect Portal & Professional Profiles

Kia Ora Hauora has a new initiative which lines up new grads with potential DHB employers. Think ‘LinkedIn’ but a platform specifically designed for Kia Ora Hauora, new grad Maori transitioning from tertiary education into health employment.

Aligned to this, is the development of Professional profiles, which is the assimilation of a CV and cover letter in one stylized document pulled together by our very own designer. These can be attached to any vacancy application.

Grants - Final Examination Fees |Registration | Start-Up Grants

Kia Ora Hauora is aware that under some of the Allied Health Professions a number of financial barriers exist for students completing university and undergoing the transition to employment.  Kia Ora Hauora northern has a limited pool of annual funding which we would like to allocate to students experiencing hardship in this transitional space.  A grant of up to $1,000.00 per person may be applied for and awarded. 

Grants here can cover but are not limited to;

  • Final examination fees
  • Registration (with exams or prior to employment)
  • Levys, VCAs, Pre employment vetting
  • Allocation of tools for practice
  • Scrubs
  • Immunisation & Screening Training

Northland DHB requires invoices from suppliers with the correct billing details attached, as mentioned below in the terms and conditions.  Note: You may be asked to produce additional supporting information.

Application Requirements

If you are interested in applying to receive a Transition to Employment Package you will need to;

  • Be of Māori decent
  • Be registered with Kia Ora Hauora.  You can do this at 
  • Be studying with a registered tertiary provider in NZ
  • Your course of study will be relevant to the health & disability sector and sit on the NZQA framework
  • Live in or educated in the northern region (between Counties Manukau and Kaitai, Far North)

The following lays out the pathway to attaining resource and financial support under the 'Transition to Employment' programme.  Please read all information below carefully, and provide all information requested.

Note: There is finite funding/resourcing for 'Transition to Employment' programme, and once fully allocated for the year, no further support will be available until the following academic year.

Before You Begin
  • Read the Terms and Conditions for the Tertiary Support package.
  • If you sign this agreement and return it to the Advisor, then withdraw from your programme of study, this may affect future Kia Ora Hauora support
  • Northland DHB requires all recipients to provide a personal biography.  This includes your pepeha, photo and programme of study.  In signing this agreement you accept that your biography will be added to the Kia Ora Hauora Northern Facebook page.
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