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Drinking Water Assistance Programme

Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP) provides assistance and mentoring to small water suppliers who participate in the Technical Assistance Programme (TAP) and the Capital Assistance Programme (CAP) in the Northland region.

What is TAP?

TAP is a drinking water assistance programme for community water supplies serving a population of <5000, schools, marae, water carriers, camping grounds, clubs etc.   TAP participants share and learn of better ways to manage their water supplies and along the way are able to apply best practice principles and operate their water supplies in a sustainable way.

The DWAP Facilitator will assist by offering workshops and ongoing communication that will assist you as the supplier with added knowledge and tools to assess maintain and sustain a future water supply.

TAP workshops include:

  • Introduction to the DWAP – what is it about? How can it be used?
  • Pathogens and pathways – what is in your water? Why do we need to know?
  • Sampling and monitoring – Why, when, how are samples taken
  • System walk – over and discussion – how does this relate to what has already been learnt
  • Introduction to preparing a Public Health Risk Management Plan (PHRMP) how does this relate to the integrity of our water supply?
  • Who is involved with this process?  What is the significance of a PHRMP?
  • Optimising your water supply
  • Tanks pumps and pipes – Demonstrating the use, maintenance, and options available and making the most of your current asset through physical and written integration
  • Treatment options – What is best suited to your situation. How do we go about upgrading our system? Options based on requirement and affordability.
  • Sustainability – How do we maintain our assets in to the future? What forward planning and documentation do we need?
  • Introduction to the Capital Assistance Program (CAP).

NOTE: The TAP is a separate program to the CAP although participation in TAP is one of the requirements to be eligible for CAP

What is CAP?

The CAP is a Ministry of Health (MoH) drinking water subsidy aimed at providing funding to assist small water supplies (Population -less than 5000 persons) to upgrade their current water supply, or to include a new supply under defined criteria.

Our DWAP Facilitator's role is to:

  • Assist water suppliers with assessment of current status of their supply, eligibility for funding (CAP) and preparation of documents for funding applications
  • Assist with the planning of and documentation required to present a comprehensive application to the MoH
  • Facilitate successful applications and contractual agreements on behalf of the MoH. Contracts between water supplier and MoH require sound planning and the TAP facilitator can assist with this.

NOTE: For CAP improvements worth >$100,000 a registered practicing engineer is required to sign off drinking water improvements milestones when completed.


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