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Public Health Dietitian o Te Tai Tokerau

The Northland DHB Public Health Dietitian promotes healthy eating and advocates for food security through out Tai Tokerau.

Tai Tokerau is seeing a steep climb in the number of people living with Type Two Diabetes. We can stop this! Type Two Diabetes can be prevented and managed by endorsing a healthy lifestyle. Its not about eating rabbit food – we can still eat the food we enjoy - its about consciously recognising what we are putting into our bodies, watching our portion sizes and taking every opportunity we have to be physically active. This can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or parking our cars further away and walking to the shop.

Northland DHB Public Health Dietitian provides the following services:

  • Train the trainer sessions
  • Policy advocacy
  • Submissions to local councils
  • Workplace wellness
  • Community Development
  • Dietetic support to Iwi providers
  • Resource development.

For more information or support/advice on the above please contact:

Tohorā House
Whangarei Hospital Campus
Maunu Road

Private Bag 9742
Whangarei 0148

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