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Creating Smokefree Environments and more ...

Smokefree Schools

Using a whole-of-school approach, empower school communities with the knowledge, skills and ability to identify their individual smokefree issues and enable them to create a supportive, caring and sustainable Smokefree/Auahi Kore environment for students, staff and families according to their individual needs.

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Stop Smoking Services

Toki Rau Stop Smoking Services Northland provide a FREE Northland wide stop smoking service offering face-to-face support provided in an individual, whanau/family or group setting, with eight sites across Tai Tokerau.

Toki Rau Stop Smoking Services provide free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to support you on your journey to quit/become smokefree. This includes gum, lozenges and patches. We can also advise you about other stop smoking medicines available.

Smokefree Workplaces

The Smokefree Workplace Guide is aimed at making workplaces more supportive of smokefree environments. It includes information on what should be in a smokefree policy, as well as a smokefree workplace matrix including actions that workplaces can take to help their people become or stay smokefree.

Smokefree Law

Educate and monitor compliance with regard to the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

If you have a complaint about an alleged breach of the Smokefree Environments Act 1990, please contact a Smokefree Officer at your local public health service.

Want to run a Smokefree Event?

Events are a fantastic way to engage your local community and promote the smokefree/auahi kore message.

The Northland DHB Health & Information Resource Unit has a number of free Smokefree Resources for you to use at your events.

Smokefree banners, sports field corner flags, hi-vis officials bibs and event staff/volunteers smokefree/auahi kore t-shirts.


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