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Child Health Connection Service

Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto
“Nurture and take care of the future that grows within”


Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service launched in 2019

What is the Child Health Connection Service?
He aha Te Māhuri?

Child Health Connection service works with your health providers to make sure your tamaiti/child receives all health checks and immunisations that help to keep your child well.

Your tamaiti/child receives health checks and immunisations from when they are born up to the age of six. These are provided by your doctor, midwife, Well Child/Tamariki Ora, vision, hearing, and oral health providers. 

What information will the Child Health Connection Service record about my child and whānau?
He aha ngā kōrero ka puritia e Te Māhuri mo taku tamaiti? 

  • Your tamaiti/child's name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, National Health Index (NHI) number
  • Mother’s/caregiver’s date of birth, contact details and NHI number
  • The health providers you have chosen for your tamaiti/child like your doctor, midwife and Well Child/ Tamariki Ora provider
  • When your tamaiti/child's health checks and immunisations are due.

What information is not included?
He aha ngā kōrero e kore e puritia?

We respect your privacy and will not record any additional clinical information about you or your tamaiti/child. We will only record whether or not your tamaiti/child has received their health checks and immunisations. 

What will Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service do?
He aha ngā mahi o Te Māhuri?

The Child Health Connection Service will:

  • Connect - Your contact information will be shared with your chosen tamaiti/child's health providers so they can remain connected with you until your tamaiti/child turns six*
  • Record - Your tamaiti/child's health check and immunisation dates will be recorded in one place 
  • Support – by supporting you to find a child health provider that best suits you and your tamaiti/child, if you are new to Northland

*If health providers cannot get in touch with a family, we may connect with services such as the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education for up-to-date contact details

Do I need to register my child to Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service?
Me rēhita e au taku tamaiti ki a Te Māhuri?

Pēpi and tamaiti/children up to the age of six will be automatically registered from 1 November 2019.

You do have an option to opt out if you do not wish for this information to be monitored.

Your tamaiti/child's NHI number, date of birth, contact details and health check details up to the opt out date will remain on the system, along with your opt out decision. This will mean health providers cannot access the information about you or your tamaiti/child's after you opt out of Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service.  

To opt out of Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service, please contact us on Freephone 0800 242 737 or email

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.


Children born or living in Auckland

If you and your whānau live in Auckland, we are happy to connect you with Uri Ririki - Child Health Connection Centre. If you would like to contact them directly, please phone 0800 242 737.


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