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Claim Expenses

Your funding contract states the maximum amount available for you to claim for the following:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation

Please complete claim form below to claim expenses incurred for travel and accommodation (as per your funding contract allowance).  Evidence of payment of accommodation must be included (GST invoice). Please note, some accommodation does not automatically offer a GST invoice (ie some AirBnB) so please double check this before booking to ensure you are able to be reimbursedAccommodation is required to be less than $200+GST per night if possible as per Te Whatu Ora Staff Travel and Accommodation policy). 

External providers:  

  • must provide an invoice in addition to this form
  • you will be reimbursed as per your company policy
  • no need to complete pg 3 (reimbursement form)
  • evidence of payment of accommodation must be included (GST invoice)
  • If this is your first time claiming via Te Whatu Ora, please ensure you are set up as a supplier to ensure speedy reimbursement of your claim at the end of semester.  If you need to be set up or are unsure please contact’.
  • Note: your invoice should have GST added to total claim.  ie if your total claimable as per contract is $2200, your invoice will read $2200 + $330 GST for a total of $2530.

Te Whatu Ora staff: 

  • must complete pg 3 (reimbursement form) – this is how you will be reimbursed via payroll
  • evidence of payment of accommodation must be included (GST invoice)
  • if you used your own car, you will be reimbursed at the same rate as Te Whatu Ora pool car would be.

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