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Ngā Tātai Ihorangi - Name Creation

During the development of the Nga Wānanga o Hine Kōpū resources Koha’s brother Tu Kaha Milne gifted the name Ngā Tātai Ihorangi.

Ngā Tātai Ihorangi speaks to the connections firstly to each other as people who deliver services and those who work as programme leads. It is essential to have high level trust relationships between services particularly in the first 2000 days of a child’s life. The connection to whānau is equally important in this journey however we needed to ensure our pathways are strong.

Tātai is a tool Māori used to arrange information into sequential order. It describes the relationship from one to another and is used to demonstrate the relational connection of components. Ihorangi are the finite details which make up a bigger picture and contributes to the whole. Ngā wānanga o Hine kōpū is a component of Ngā Tātai Ihorangi.
The learnings gained in Ngā wānanga o Hine kōpū contribute to the overall vision ‘kia tupu ora ai ngā uri whakatupu; that the generations yet to come will grow and flourish’. Hapu māmā need to be nurtured and cared for as they are the keepers of te ira tangata. Investing in hapu māmā ensures the secure safe passage of the ‘seed’ to the fulfilment of the dreams and aspirations of whānau.

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