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Health Services for our Tamariki

Whakatauki from the Values of Nga Wānanga o Hine Kōpū have been assigned to core universal health services that tamariki are entitled too.  

See below for a list of health services available for our tamariki. 

Service Description Whakatauki
Oral Health

All pēpi born in Northland are registered with the oral health service at birth and get free dental care until they’re 18.

The first appointment is at six months old with a dental therapist at your nearest oral health clinic

Then every year - from their 1st birthday.

You’ll be contacted by phone or letter, with a date and time of the appointment or you can call 0800 MY TEETH (0800 698 3384).

Me whakapapa te ora

Whānau begins with whakapapa.

Well Child Services

As soon as your pēpi is born, it’s important to connect with a Well Child Tamariki Ora service

Well Child Tamariki Ora is free to all New Zealand children from birth to 5 years of age.

They can see your pēpi when your midwife finishes visiting you.
Te Hiku Hauora, Hauora Hokianga, Ngati Hine Health Trust, Te Ha Oranga and Plunket all provide the free Well Child Tamariki Ora service.

He ōhanga wairua he puna tangata

Whānau are essential to the individual’s wellbeing.


Immunising our tamariki against vaccine preventable diseases not only protects them but
also others in the community, those who cannot be
Immunised or have low immunity.

The National Immunisation Schedule is designed to provide the best protection for our tamariki, their whanau and the hapori whānui (wider community).

Immunisations are free and normally provided at your GP practice. Once pēpi is a few weeks old you should receive a welcome letter or text encouraging you to make an appointment at 6 weeks for pēpis first immunisations.

If you are undecided about vaccination please have a discussion with the practice nurse or visit and/or call 0800 IMMUNE 

Me whakapapa te ora

Whānau begins with whakapapa.  

 GP Enrolment

 Free GP visits for
under 14-year-olds

All enrolled children aged 13 and under won’t be charged a fee for a standard visit with a doctor or nurse.

Anyone who is not enrolled should talk to your local general practice reception staff for more information.

Me whakapapa te ora 

Whānau begins with whakapapa. Our greastest taonga tuku iho is whakapapa which is derived from Atua. Aspirations for oranga are about ultimate wellness and thriving. 

Midwife Enrolment

 Enrol with a Midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant and you and your baby will receive all of the free health care that you and your baby are entitled too.

Contact your local maternity unit; or Te Pua Wai ora Community Midwife: call 0800 434 2686 (0800 4 DHB MUM) or website: find a midwife. 

Kia puta ora ai ngā hua

Every pregnancy is a new pregnancy 

SUDI prevention 

Whanau in Te Tai Tokerau have access to all safe sleep messaging and resources including waikawa and other safe sleep devices that add to our whanau kete to enable our pepi to sleep safe and flourish.
Distribution of safe sleep devices are through Te wānanga o Hine Koopu and our community safe sleep hubs located at: Te Hiku Hauora, Te Hauora o Ngapuhi, Te Uri o Hau, Te Ha, Hokianga health midwives, Early years hub Dargaville, Regional Maternity units, Te Puawai Ora, Whangarei.

Contact email:

I haere mai koe e te ahuru mōwai ki te ao mārama tau ana

From one safe space to another. Acknowledging the sanctity and safety of te whare tangata as te ahuru mowai and transferring that safety to a waikawa safe sleep space.  


Free access to quit coaches, nicotine replacement therapy medicines, and inhalators. Tailored coaching plans to suit you. Receive $150 vouchers through Toki Rau as reward for becoming smokefree, plus a additional $100 for mama and $50 for whanau through Whaia Te Ora.

Whaia te ora Wananga supports thriving whakapapa through exploring wellness. Discover the tools available to awhi your smokefree journey. Fun interactive sessions, with hands on activities such as; weaving wahakura and creating waka hui

Contact: Csarndra ph: 021839213


Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto

Nothing is more important than giving new life. Nurture and take care of the future that grows within, for one day they will stand as the ancestors of tomorrow. 

Te Māhuri 

Pēpi and tamariki are automatically registered on a system called the National Child Health Information Platform (NCHIP) which records your tamaiti/child’s chosen health providers in one place. No medical information about you or your tamaiti/child is recorded.

Using the information on NCHIP, Te Māhuri - Child Health Connection Service works with your doctor, well child tamariki ora provider and other child health services to ensure your tamaiti/child receives their free health checks and immunisations on time from birth to age six.

For more information, please call 0800 242 737 or email

 Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto

Nothing is more important than giving new life. Nurture and take care of the future that grows within, for one day they will stand as the ancestors of tomorrow.

Before School Check 

To make sure that our tamariki get the best start at school we offer all four year olds a free B4 School Check.
In only 45 minutes, a nurse checks vision, hearing, height, weight and teeth to ensure that your child has a healthy start to school or gets further support if they need it.

To get a B4 School Check - call
0800 247 246
He ōhanga wairua he puna tangata - 0800 247 246

He ōhanga wairua he puna tangata

Tupuna chose the nest that will grow and nurture the wairua. Whānau are essential to the individual’s wellbeing. The individual is essential to whānau wellbeing. 

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