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Climate change is an increasingly serious and urgent threat to health and health equity in New Zealand and worldwide. It is contributing to global disease, disability and premature death – most seriously affecting people in poor countries and the poorest within all countries. With action to tackle climate change, there are, however, also opportunities to improve health with a change to more active lifestyles, healthy diets, low-emission vehicles and improved housing standards.

As a large organisation in our region, Te Whatu Ora has a big influence and can significantly contribute to climate change by reducing its carbon emissions.


Sustainability shares a lot of similar values towards the kaitiakitanga (meaning guardianship) of our resources and environment. Serving a large Māori community, Te Whatu Ora acknowledges its responsibility to tangata whenua (people of the land) to act together as kaitiaki (guardians) in the active management of our hospitals in an environmentally sustainable way, respecting ancestral links and cultural practices.

Kaitiakitanga guardianship

Our Carbon Emissions

> See our full carbon footprint report here.


Vision and Strategy

The sustainability vision of Te Whatu Ora is defined like so:

“As professionals in healthcare we continuously care for healthy people living in a healthy climate
where every one of us acts as kaitiaki to take care of our resources and environment.”

The sustainability triple aim strategy focuses on co-benefits between health, environment and costs.

Sustainability Triple Aim NDHB

This is within five defined key areas and five defined drivers for success:

5 key areas and 5 success drivers for sustanability

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