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Working From Home - Updated Policy And Helpful Hints 


If you can work from home and need access please read the following steps you need to follow:

1. If you have your own computer at home, please use this in preference to requesting a new device due to supply constraints


2. Although you don’t need to set up a ZOOM account to join a meeting, it is recommended to create one if you don’t have one already. This is FREE. You must create a ZOOM account to host a meeting. Do this by opening your Internet Browser BEFORE you log onto Citrix and sign up at this link

3. You can download Zoom software for PC/Mac at this link

4. The Zoom Mobile app is available from your Play/Apple store and is FREE

5. If you need to host or schedule meetings with more than 2 participants and for longer than 40 minutes, you may be eligible to upgrade to a ZOOM Pro licence. Please email

6. If you are using ZOOM, there are lots of great tips available on the healthAlliance Portal (Once connected via Cirtix)

7. NOTE: Zoom DOES NOT work within Citrix


8. Ensure you have set up your Dual Shield Access BEFORE you leave the campus (attached instructions). You will be asked to provide authentication questions and answers and/or a mobile phone number.

9. If you have your own device or a new DHB laptop and have never logged onto Citrix before you must bring your device in to the DHB campus and do this BEFORE you leave the campus. Your computer must be connected to the network by a patch cable not connected by WiFi.

10. When you get home, complete the attached instructions to connect to the Citrix Gateway and validate your access is working

11. Check the applications on the desktop to make sure you have the right applications you need to do your job


12. If you have any trouble with getting onto Citrix or if applications are missing, please email the helpdesk using the words “COVID 19” in the heading ( or phone ext 7469. Please phone ONLY if you don’t have email access (they may not be able to answer immediately)

13. If you require any other IT related assistance related to COVID 19, please email the IT Response Team at

healthAlliance are currently negotiating technical IT community support for those of you who cannot come back into the DHB to set up your remote access or are having issues. We will keep you posted with details as they come to light.

Things you can do to help improve performance as everyone connects remotely:

1. Use Outlook Web Access rather than using Outlook via Citrix, here is the link
2. “Get on then get off” – if you have done what you need to and don’t need to be logged in, logging off will release bandwidth and licences for those performing clinical functions


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