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Te Whatu Ora - Te Tai Tokerau is offering a new way for you and your whānau to connect with your healthcare professional for a medical appointment.

Instead of seeing your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional in person at their practice or clinic, you connect with them through a phone or video call. 

This may reduce travel time and costs, mean less time away from work, school or whānau, or reduce the risk of sharing or catching germs.

Not all medical appointments are suitable to be done over a phone or video call. For example, if you need to be examined, get blood drawn or have tests done, you will usually have to see the clinician in person. However, some types of appointments may be suitable.

Ask your clinician if it is right for you.

Check the hints, tips and videos below or contact us if you have any questions or need help before your video appointment.

Advantages of telehealth appointments



Helpful Hints

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Why have a telehealth appointment?


Telehealth is a safe, online service that allows you to see your healthcare team from your home.


Getting ready for your telehealth appointment


A short introduction that will tell you what you need for your telehealth appointment.



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