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Our Kaimahi

About Our Kaimahi

Our Mana Ake Kaimahi first and foremost have a natural ability to connect and build positive relationships with tamariki, whānau, school staff, and the community.

Their mana-enhancing support is strength based, fit for context and culturally responsive to the needs of the schools and communities in which they work. They work collaboratively with schools and whānau to achieve the best outcomes for tamariki. They work according to Mana Ake practice guidelines which means their work is conducted safely in a way that maintains confidentiality and upholds a professional working culture. 


How They Work

Our Mana Ake Kaimahi are employed by various community providers throughout Te Tai Tokerau and work under the supervision of our Mana Ake Kaiārahi (our Team Leads). These Kaiārahi Team Leads hold key relationships with the schools in their region and work collaboratively with schools to determine the types of services our Kaimahi will deliver based on the needs of the schools and tamariki.

Our Kaimahi remain flexible and responsive in their day-to-day work to create localised solutions for various contexts. Their work across a week may range from school and classroom-wide support to helping to implement school wellbeing plans, running workshops or training, or running smaller group programmes for tamariki or whānau. At times they may also work with individual tamariki or whānau where there is a strong mutual agreement to do so, or provide individual whānau or teachers with knowledge about where and how to access other supports.


Kaimahi Job Description

Check out our sample Kaimahi Job Description to see what the Kaimahi role involves. If you think this could be you, contact us to find out more about the role or be informed of any upcoming opportunities across Te Tai Tokerau.

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