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Hoki ki ngā tūāpapa – Back to Basics

We have created a social media campaign - Hoki ki ngā tūāpapa – Back to Basics - that focuses on health and wellbeing practices for people and their whānau.

Framed by the COVID-19 health response, this campaign focuses on actions people can take to keep themselves and their whānau well.

It includes six 30-second animations intended for use on social media.

Each animation has a focus on a specific wellbeing message – from washing your hands, to staying home when you are sick.

The animations use clear messaging and diverse characters to connect with the audience, and get messages across quickly and memorably.  Bright colours help capture people’s attention on social media.  Simple backgrounds allow the characters and actions to be the main focus.

Communicating these messages on Facebook as animated videos, rather than static images, ensures they will generate more traffic and engagement.  The animated videos are available for download below. 

Me whakapapa te ora - Hoki ki te tūāpapa - Connecting to practices that nurture wellbeing

We promote vaccination for all as a choice, and it is one way to protect our whānau and whakapapa.

Even if whānau decide not to vaccinate, there are everyday practices that help to nurture wellbeing.

Washing your hands, staying home when unwell, getting a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms, keeping track of where you have been with the NZ COVID-19 Tracer app, and coughing into your elbow are everyday practices that are important to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

All of these things help to protect our whānau from the spread of not only COVID-19 but also other viruses such as the flu.

Hoki ki ngā tūāpapa – Back to Basics is how whānau can take back control of their oranga (health) and general wellbeing.

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