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Community Physiotherapy Service

The Allied Health Community Physiotherapy Service provides Community based services for non ACC conditions.

These are short-term interventions to address mobility issues and/or education of patient/carers regarding physical management, including for respiratory conditions.

Criteria for Community based service is; The person is unable to access outpatient services, or their need is specifically related to home environment.

Referrals to the Community Physiotherapy Services through:

  • GP
  • Specialist (hospital or private)
  • Allied Health  or
  • Other Agencies (Hospice etc)

GP referrals are accepted through the RMSLite  e-referral system - 'Community Allied Health Referral'

All other referrals are faxed to the hospital servicing the region;

  • Whangarei - Fax (09) 4304128
  • Bay of Islands - Fax (09) 4042854
  • Kaitaia - Fax (09) 4089253
  • Hokianga - for enquiries re Community physiotherapy services availability, contact Rawene Hospital on (09) 4057709.

If you would like to speak to someone, contact the closest  hospital and ask for the Community Physiotherapist.


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