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Hapu Mama - You Are Woman
Hapu Mama – Breastfeeding

Ngā Tātai Ihorangi – Our First 2000 days

Your Tupuna chose you - Acknowledge the unique and special status of Ngā Hine kōpū as the keepers of te ira tangata

Giving birth is the gift of a lifetime

Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto - Nothing is more important than giving new life.

Nurture and take care of the future that grows within for one day they will stand as the ancestors of tomorrow

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Nurture your baby, plan to breastfeed - Ko te whenua te wai-ū mō ngā uri whakatupu.

Ukaipo is the term used to describe our divine mother Papatuanuku.

Papatuanuku gives sustenance and nurtures all who dwell upon her.

Breastfeeding connects us to our whenua te whāngai ū nurtures not only our body but also our spirit.

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 Hapu Mama – Midwife
 Hapu Mama - Safe Sleep

Every pregnancy is a new pregnancy – Kia puta ora ai ngā hua

Your midwife supports you and your whānau during pregnancy, labour and the birth - and for 6 weeks after your baby is born for your and baby’s health.

All maternity care in Northland is free.

Choose a midwife early for each of your pregnancies – every pregnancy is a new pregnancy

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From one safe space to another - I haere mai koe i te ahuru mōwai ki te ao mārama tau ana

Acknowledging the sanctity and safety of te whare tangata as te ahuru mowai and transferring that safety to a wahakura waikawa safe sleep space.

If you want to sleep beside baby make sure they are always placed in their wahakura. You can all sleep well knowing they are safe.

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Hapu Mama - Smokefree
Hapu Mama - Immunisation


Infused with the essence of life – Tihei, Mauri Ora

Clear away the obstacles to have a happy and healthy pregnancy (Te Whei Ao) - Tahia te ara kia kitea ai te huarahi, ahu atu tō matā ki te ao mārama kei reira ngā uri whakatupu kāhore ano i whānau mai e tatari atu ana i a koe

• Babies from smoke free pregnancies are healthier and stronger.
• Being a smoke free whanau helps baby’s breathing and protects him or her to sleep safely.
• If you want to quit smoking, there are a range of services that can help and your midwife can provide you with contacts to these services.

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Giving new life is the most important role I will have - Manaakitia te māhuri he tupuna kei roto.

To ensure the health and safety of your baby while pregnant and after their birth speak to your midwife about how to best protect them.

  • Make sure you immunise against influenza and whooping cough while pregnant.
  • Enrol your baby with a doctor as soon as possible after baby is born.
  • Immunise your baby on time to protect against serious illness.

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