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Dental Treatments

Further information about dental treatments provided by the Te Whatu Ora Oral Health Service.

Fluoride Varnish

This fluoride paste is applied to selected tooth surfaces to give protection to the teeth that have early signs of decay or are particularly vulnerable to decay.

Fissure Sealant

A fissure sealant is a tooth coloured coating which your Dentist/Oral Health or Dental Therapist applies to the chewing surfaces and the sides of teeth that are at risk of decay. This is a very simple procedure that does not require local anaesthetic. This product contains fluoride, which gives added protection to the teeth.

Sometimes a pink fissure sealant is applied as temporary protection for a partially erupted tooth. This pink sealant will gradually wear away over the following two years.

Glass-Ionomer Cement (GIC)

This is a multi-purpose tooth coloured material that can be used both in preventing decay as well as restoring teeth. It is a tooth coloured material often used in deciduous teeth, but it is not generally the preferred choice for permanent teeth. It is quite strong but not as strong as silver amalgam or composite. This product contains fluoride, which gives added protection to the teeth.
Sometimes a pink coloured material is used. This indicates a temporary filling that may require further treatment.


This material is tooth coloured. This material does contain a small amount of fluoride, which gives added protection to teeth.

Stainless Steel Crowns

These are pre-formed, tooth-shaped crowns made of stainless steel and are a very good way to restore heavily decayed or heavily filled back baby teeth.

Local Anaesthetic

This procedure allows for painless dentistry. It involves an injection of local anaesthetic into the gum tissues. It numbs the tooth and surrounding area.

Dental Radiographs / X-rays

These are an integrated part of a routine dental examination. They are used to aid diagnosis and detect early tooth decay, which cannot normally be seen clearly by the naked eye. Dental Radiographs also assist with detecting other abnormalities, such as congenitally missing teeth or extra teeth.

Clean and Scale

This removes stains and or hard debris from tooth surfaces.


This is a type of root canal treatment that is sometimes carried out on back baby teeth.


Flouride Varnish

Fluoride Varnish

Flouride Varnish


Dental X-ray plate being inserted

Clamping down on dental X-ray plate

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