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Non-New Zealand Resident

Ngā manuhiri no Aotearoa anake

The Health and Disability Services Eligibility Direction 2011 sets out the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health and disability services in New Zealand. The groups of people who meet the criteria defined in the Direction can receive some or all of publicly funded health and disability services. For foreign nationals, eligibility is largely based on immigration status.

A person needs to be eligible at the time they receive health or disability services for those services to be publicly funded. Eligibility is not retrospective - ie. if a person becomes eligible after accessing services, that eligibility is not backdated to those services.

Click here for more information about eligibility go to the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Interpreting service

If English is not your first language and you need help, ask for our interpreting Service.

Hospital charges

If you are not a New Zealand resident you may be charged for hospital services.

We can charge insurance companies directly for unexpected illnesses for overseas travellers. But please:

  • Ensure you have made contact with your insurance company
  • Please ask them to contact us via and provide a 'guarantee of payment' for your care.

Please Note: Some Insurance companies require the patient to pay for care, after which they will reimburse you. Please double-check this with your insurer.

Please ask your nurse to contact the eligibility officer for assistance.

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