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What To Bring

Te uru tanga ki te hohipere


If you are taking any medications please bring them with you and hand them to the nursing staff. If you have written details of any treatment you need, show them this too. Please tell staff if you suffer from any allergies. The doctor will need to review your medication and you will be informed should a change be necessary.

Spectacles and Hearing Aids

Bring the cases for your glasses and hearing aid so they can be put away safely when you are not wearing them.


Every care is taken but the hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost or broken dentures. Bring your cleaning container with you.

Some Things you may like to Bring with You
  • Books, magazines, writing material and small hobby work.
  • Light clothing for when you are up and about, such as a tracksuit, trousers and shirt or slacks and a blouse.
  • You may use your own pillow and pillowcase if you wish but please make it easily identifiable.
  • Please bring your own personal grooming products such as shampoo, comb/brush/ shaving equipment/ moisturisers etc.
Valuables including Jewellery and Money

Please do not keep any valuable jewellery or large sums of money with you, as Whangārei Hospital cannot accept responsibility in the event of loss or theft of any personal property retained by patients. When necessary, valuables or money may be kept in a locked cupboard in the ward.

Electrical Appliances

Please use earphones for radios, smartphones and televisions, if possible, in consideration of other patients. Televisions are not allowed in some areas, so please ask your nurse.

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