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Brand Story


Enhanced resilience, wairua, and mana of our tamariki in Te Tai Tokerau so they are ‘stronger for tomorrow’


We embrace…          We are…

All tamariki & whānau Mana enhancing
Te Ao Māori  
Localised solutions   

Mana enhancing
Early Interveners
Flexible and responsive


Mana Ake provides holistic support through:

  • Mana enhancing action
  • Early intervention
  • Flexible, responsive and reliable service.

Value proposition

Mana Ake is about giving our tamariki access to skills and strategies to enhance resilience, wairua and mana so they are ‘stronger for tomorrow’.

To achieve this Mana Ake works alongside local school communities to assist them to achieve their wellbeing goals.

Byline & Whakataukī

Mana Ake Byline:      ‘Stronger for Tomorrow’


Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tātou mahi

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work

Brand story

Co-designed by Te Tai Tokerau for Te Tai Tokerau in 2021, the Mana Ake framework was originally piloted in Canterbury in 2018 before the Government announced regionally customised expansions to other areas.  

Mana Ake is a school-based mental health and wellbeing programme that builds on the skills and strategies of tamariki and whānau to succeed wherever they live, learn and play.

The term "Mana" has a wide range of meanings. For Mana Ake Te Tai Tokerau, mana is a source of both personal and collective strength, pride and identity. Using the term "Ake" emphasises an upward direction of mana that will continue to grow.

This mana-enhancing term is therefore applicable with the Mana Ake by-line, 'Stronger for Tomorrow'.

Mana Ake has been widely recognised as an excellent way to support children's wellbeing. It can help identify small concerns sooner, preventing them from becoming bigger. One of the real strengths of Mana Ake is that it's co-designed by the local community – it's tailored to mean that children get support in a meaningful way.

The Mana character navigates wellbeing resources for Mana Ake Te Tai Tokerau.



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