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Health Fund PLUS

What is Health Fund PLUS?

Health Fund PLUS is a partnership between Northland Community Foundation and Te Whatu Ora in Te Tai Tokerau, focusing on raising funds for projects that sit outside the scope of government funding. 

Projects such as enhancing healing spaces, developing our workforce, and purchasing additional equipment and services, make all the difference in providing the best quality healthcare possible.

You can choose where your donation goes, and we make sure that is what happens. 

The Health Fund PLUS partnership benefits the health needs of all Northlanders by focusing on giving for the good of many.


Who can give to Health Fund PLUS?

Absolutely anyone can give. 

All kinds of gifts have been received through Northland Community Foundation over the years. 

Thousands of people gave to ‘Project Promise’ to build the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre – some gifts were very large, some were very small. All were greatly appreciated. 

Other people have made bequests to services and departments of Te Whatu Ora in Te Tai Tokerau Northland in recognition of their support and care. Others have given specialised equipment or ‘optional extras’ for patient comfort.

What happens to the gifts to Health Fund PLUS?

All gifts are administered by Northland Community Foundation, on behalf of Te Whatu Ora. 

If the gift is a one-off donation, the Foundation will ensure the donation goes directly to the service for the purpose it has been given. If the gift is for equipment or an ‘optional extra’, then Northland Community Foundation will work with Te Whatu Ora to make the purchase. 

In either case, the wishes of the donor will be followed by Northland Community Foundation and Te Whatu Ora to make sure the money goes where it is intended.

How can people give to Health Fund PLUS?

There are a couple of ways to give, outlined below.

Leave a gift in your will

Did you know most people don’t have a will? You can take that step now, acting now for later, knowing you are making a difference after your death. Contact your lawyer or Northland Community Foundation for more information on this. 


You can give directly for something specific or contribute to a larger, much needed project. We can help to guide you if needed, by sharing what we are currently fundraising for that might be of interest to you. 

You can donate by: 

  • Making a one-time donation
  • Creating a heath endowment fund, perhaps in your name or in the name of a loved one
  • Setting up a regular payroll gift
  • Instead of a birthday or Christmas gift, asking for a donation to your chosen fund. 

Donations made in your lifetime, over $5, qualify for a 33.3% tax rebate.

Next step:

If you are interested in talking to us about Health Fund PLUS, or about any other aspect of the work of Northland Community Foundation, just phone 0204 139 8518 or email



Key examples of how Health Fund PLUS has helped:
Jim Carney Cancer Treatment CentreJim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre

For several years Northland Community Foundation focused on completing the huge task of working with the community to raise $3 million through the ‘Project Promise’ appeal to build the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre for Northland. This goal was achieved through the wonderful support of individuals, families, service groups, businesses and organisations.

The Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre opened in November 2014. It’s not too late to give. A donation to the Cancer Treatment Centre or any other part of Te Whatu Ora health service could be your way to say ‘thank you’. 

‘Buy a Brick’ To Support Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre

The BNZ Community Wall inside the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre was part of the Project Promise fundraising programme. More than 400 bricks were sold during the campaign.

The “Pohutukawa Donor Tree” inside the Jim Carney Cancer and Blood Services Treatment Centre leads on from the 'Buy a Brick' fundraising campaign. Now that the Centre is built, and the brick wall is complete, leaves for the Pohutukawa Tree are available for purchase at $1000 each. Donated funds go towards supporting the ongoing work and extra 'nice to haves' at the Centre.   

JR.BM Unregulated Health Workers Fund 
The JR.BM Unregulated Health Workers Fund is generously provided by a member of our community to support kaimahi who have no previous qualifications and are seeking to study at the Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor level.  The bequest is managed as an endowment with the annual interest supporting two scholarships each year. 

Since 2018, the Fund has been providing opportunities for Te Whatu Ora and Te Ake Whai Ora kaimahi in Te Tai Tokerau to receive financial support for their tuition fees. 13 kaimahi have been supported since inception of the fund in 2018.

If you would like to talk with someone about making a bequest please contact the Northland Community Foundation - just phone 0204 139 8518 or email You can make a choice to leave it as an endowment (where the capital is invested and the interest is paid out annually) or as a lump sum to be distributed to the service of your choice.

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