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Health Fund PLUS

What is Health Fund PLUS?

Health Fund PLUS has been set up by Northland Community Foundation and Northland District Health Board (DHB) to provide a way for people to give back to the DHB by way of donations or endowments.  These donations enable the DHB to get the “optional extras” in equipment and services that can make all the difference in providing the best quality healthcare possible. Note: It is never an alternative to Government funding.

All donations are eligible for the 33 percent tax deduction. By donating $1,000 to Health Fund PLUS through the Foundation, you would receive a $330 tax credit.

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Who can give to Health Fund PLUS?


Absolutely anyone can give. All kinds of gifts have been received through Northland Community Foundation over the years. Thousands of people gave to “Project Promise” to build the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre – some gifts were very large, some were very small. All were greatly appreciated. Other people have made bequests to services and departments of the DHB in recognition of their support and care. Others have given specialised equipment or “optional extras” for patient comfort.

How can I give to Health Fund PLUS?

Giving is easy. The first thing is to contact Northland Foundation to talk about your idea for a gift. You can phone 020 4139 8518 or 021 558 224 at any time for all the information you need. The staff will help you to decide what is the best way for you. Some people give a regular donation, some give a one-off gift, some prefer to make provisions in their Will. We can discuss all of these options with you.

Or email Northland Community Foundation.

Jim Carney Cancer Treatment CentreJim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre

For several years Northland Community Foundation focused on completing the huge task of working with the community to raise $3million through the ‘Project Promise’ appeal to build the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre for Northland. This goal was achieved through the wonderful support of individuals, families, service groups, businesses and organisations.

The Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre opened in November 2014. It’s not too late to give. A donation to the Cancer Treatment Centre or any other part of Northland DHB’s health service could be your way to say ‘thank you’. If you are interested in talking to us about Health Fund Plus, or about any other aspect of the work of Northland Community Foundation, just give them a call on 020 4139 8518 or email: Northland Community Foundation.

‘Buy a Brick’ To Support Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre

The BNZ Community Wall inside the Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre was part of the Project Promise fundraising programme. More than 400 bricks were sold during the campaign.

The “Pohutukawa Donor Tree” inside the Jim Carney Cancer and Blood Services Treatment Centre leads on from the 'Buy a Brick' fundraising campaign. Now that the Centre is built, and the brick wall is complete, leaves for the Pohutukawa Tree are available for purchase at $1,000 each. Donated funds go towards supporting the ongoing work and extra 'nice to haves' at the Centre. 

I Have a Dream Charitable Trust New Zealand

I Have a Dream is one of Northland DHB’s payroll giving recipients. You can make regular donations through Payroll Giving that will benefit children from Tikipunga/Otangarei who are a part of the local I Have a Dream programme.

Not only is it an easy way to donate, but there is also the added bonus of an immediate tax benefit. If you donate $7.50, the government pays $2.50 of that, meaning only $5 is deducted from your pay packet (only one coffee per week). Download this form and then email it to

The I Have a Dream Charitable Trust’s mission is to inspire and enable children from low-decile schools to reach their full potential, by promoting from an early age, values of higher education, career engagement and life success. To achieve this, I Have a Dream establish long-term wraparound academic, health and social services, building partnerships between their schools, families and the community to ensure every child has the resources and networks they need to succeed.

Full-time Navigators follow each year-level of children from early primary, through secondary and into tertiary education to provide mentoring, academic oversight, advocacy and support. Navigators have a formal relationship with the participating schools, work alongside the children’s families, and help coordinate community services.

I Have a Dream’s launch of the Ngātahi Education Initiative (Ngātahi means together, in unison, as one) to the four schools in the Tikipunga/Otangarei communities in Whangārei will inspire the dreams and enable the futures of 1,500 children growing up in material hardship.



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