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Forms, Templates & Guidelines

  • If starting your PDRP always get an updated form from this website.
  • All competencies are now written at the competent level to comply with the National Framework and Evidential Requirements, drop-down boxes highlight suggestions and indicators that assist in understanding the requirements of the level.

The PDRP assessment process is intended to be a positive experience, a time when each applicant’s contribution to nursing practice and professional development is recognised and celebrated. Interested nurses should read the criteria for each level carefully and decide at what level they can currently demonstrate achievement.

It may take up to three months to prepare your application, depending on how much evidence you already have gathered in your portfolio. PDRP workshops and individual support are available e-mail the Northland DHB PDRP resource person PDRP&

PDRP Templates

A description of levels is available within the documents. Select the level of PDRP you are working towards and download. 

PDRP Level
Registered Nurse


PDRP Level
Designated Senior Nurse

  PDRP Level
Enrolled Nurse







To download word files to your computer:

  1. Right-mouse click on the word document link.
  2. Select “Save target as” or “Save link as” in the right-click menu.
  3. Click “Save” button.


  • Refer to the checklist in the booklet to ensure you include all minimum requirements.
  • Insert all pages of the booklet into the front of your folder.
  • All documents to be typed, areas expand to accommodate evidence.
Assessment Process

The assessment process should be completed within 8 weeks of receipt of the application. PDRP Assessors may contact the applicant for further details or clarification during the assessment. Should further evidence be required, this timeframe may be extended up to four weeks. 

PDRP Assessors, after seeking permission from the applicant, may consult with appropriate clinical staff in relation to area-specific clinical issues and will document accordingly. Feedback will be formally documented as "assessor's comments" on the evidence sheet returned with the portfolio to the applicant.

Competency Indicators & Suggestions for RN/EN’s
After the Assessment is Complete

If the assessor deems the applicant has met the criteria for the set level, the portfolio is given to the Nurse Coordinator - PDRP and he/she will email a letter of completion to the applicant directly. This letter along with a certificate showing the level achieved and expiration date (three years after the application date) will be included within your PDRP.

If at the end of the assessment process, the nurse has not yet met the criteria for the level being applied for, there are three options:

  • The applicant may accept the decision 
  • The applicant can agree to work on the areas needing more evidence and resubmit their portfolio. The date the resubmission was received will become the new application date.
  • The applicant may disagree with the outcome and choose to appeal the decision.
Becoming an Assessor

After you have achieved your PDRP, you may wish to become an assessor. Contact your PDRP nurse coordinator for further information.

Assessor application form

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