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Health Integration Team

Connecting Northland through collaboration and change. This department aims to enable and lead change and innovation through integrated partnerships across the Northland health system.

The overall objective is to achieve wellbeing and equity through sustainable and integrated healthcare.

Health Integration Project Delivery Team

This team of Programme Managers, Project Managers and Project Support is focused on delivering a number of key programmes and projects. The team has extensive expertise in programme management, project management, change management and research and evaluation and works closely together to leverage off one anothers skills.

Northland Health Strategy

Northland’s new health strategy is currently under development, which will set the direction to improve the health of Northlanders and reduce inequities. Further information can be found here.

Health Integration Projects

These projects aim to integrate the care of patients and their carers, particularly those with long-term conditions and complex social care requirements, across primary, secondary and community-based health and social care services. Further information can be found here.

Primary Care Workforce Programme

In 2021, the Northland District Health Board established a programme to support the needs of the general practice and primary healthcare workforce within Te Tai Tokerau. Information and updates can be found here.


Telehealth is the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location. In Northland, this is predominantly via videoconferencing with simultaneous access to clinical information, a key element in most areas of the service.

Telehealth enables increased access to specialist services and reduced travel time for clinicians and patients. It is utilised for outpatient clinics, linking our rural hospitals to Whangārei Hospital to assist urgent patient transfers, clinical team support, multi-disciplinary team support across primary, secondary and tertiary care and provides a platform for clinical education. We are growing our existing services, supporting improved integration with primary care, supporting services to clinical teams in the community and plan to expand services to patients in the home.

Videoconferencing is also an important communications tool for business (non-clinical) use and remote working support.


Latest Team News

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