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Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP)

The Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP) framework and criteria have been developed to achieve the following purposes: 

  • To advance professional development in nursing.
  • To support nurses in demonstrating competency to Nursing Council  of New Zealand.
  • To fullfil obligations negotiated under the NZNO Nurses' MECA.

This programme aims to promote and reward nursing expertise and recognise the contribution of nurses to quality patient health outcomes. The PDRP assessment criteria have been developed to align with the national framework and integrate national evidential requirements.


PDRP is now compulsory and staff are expected to hold a current and relevant PDRP if they wish to progress.  This also exempts them from Nursing Council audit.

Nurses covered by the NZNO Nurses' MECA can also achieve financial rewards. These rewards apply to level 3 & 4.

While senior nurses are not elegible for financial reward as they are already on an increased payscale, they are expected to complete a DSN portfolio, which is reflective of their speciality.

PDRP Policy


This website contains all documents and information  for nurses applying for PDRP through NDHB


Contact PDRP coordinator for more information PDRP&

Appeals Process:

Provides a guideline and form for the appeal process. Click here

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