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Why we seek your support

Our hospitals are a vital community asset. You can help ensure that all Northlanders are provided with the highest standard of health care and expertise now and in the future.

As Northlanders we suffer from some of the country’s highest rates of common life-threatening diseases. These include, but are not limited to, coronary artery disease, diabetes, lung cancer, kidney diseases, chronic respiratory disease, stroke and asthma.

Northland DHB cares for Northlanders’ health within our community as well as in its hospitals in Whangarei, Dargaville, Kawakawa and Kaitaia.

With an ageing population and constant changes to technology, the health sector is always developing and seeking to purchase more state-of-the-art equipment to treat patients. Although the government funds our district health board, like many other New Zealand hospitals we are seeking support from our community to help raise funds for additional equipment that will benefit patient care and ultimately save more lives.

You Choose

There are many reasons to give a gift to benefit the health of Northlanders.

Your gift can benefit anyone: newborns, children, young mums, the chronically ill, elderly, or those who are in the final stages of their lives.

You can make a contribution to a particular service such as mental health, diabetes or renal services or the children’s ward.

You may choose to have your gift assist with the purchase of a piece of medical equipment.

You can also choose to support your local hospital or a service provider in your local area.

Alternatively, you can choose to give an unrestricted gift. Unrestricted gifts are added to our Northland Health Endowment Fund and invested with other gifts. The interest earned from this capital sum is used to give grants to organisations that are working to directly benefit the health of Northlanders.

If you need help deciding we can suggest options for any of the hospitals.

With your support, we hope to fund state-of-the-art medical and related equipment and generate funds to support medical excellence for Northland.


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