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Going Home

Hoki ana ki te kainga

A few points to remember when it's time to go home:

  • You should be given a form entitled Information on Leaving Hospital which includes a summary of your hospital stay and outlines your recent illness, treatment received and any follow-up care you may need at home. Your Nurse will be happy to discuss the contents of your summary with you, your whānau or carer. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  • Advise the nurse or ward clerk if you do not intend to return to your usual address.
  • Check that we have your correct postal address so that correspondence such as appointment letters will reach you.
  • If you require medical or ACC certificates, ask the ward clerk for these to be completed before you leave hospital.
  • Make arrangements with family or friends for your transport home. Please be sure you know how you will be looked after when you get home. If you are concerned about this, please talk to your nurse and/or ask to see the social worker.
  • If you are to attend an outpatient clinic, check that you know where the clinic will be held and the time and date of the appointment.

And finally:

  • Check that you have all your belongings, including drug prescriptions and medication, from your locker and wardrobe in the ward.

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