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Ngā Tai Ora - Public Health Northland

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The Ngā Tai Ora Public Health Northland unit is one of twelve units in New Zealand and is the largest and main provider of public health services for Northland.

Its main focus is on environmental health, communicable disease control, tobacco control and health promotion programmes. Many of these services include a regulatory component performed by statutory officers appointed under various statutes, though principally under the Health Act 1956.

The Public Health Unit delivers public health services to the greater Northern region through contracts with the Ministry of Health. The public health sector ensures that potential risks to the health of the population are monitored, managed and promoted by:

  • Monitoring ourenvironment to ensure risks to the health of the public are managed
  • Licensing organisations and premises as required by regulation
  • Enforcing public health legislation, including investigating complaints and taking appropriate action
  • Providing environmental advice for the Government and local bodies on an as required basis
  • Advocating for policy change at national, regional and local level
  • Being involved in policy development at national, regional and local levels
  • Promoting the development of physical and social environments that are conducive to good health
  • Raising public awareness of health related issues
  • Developing and managing population based screening programmes
  • Working with communities and the wider health sector to develop and establish public health programmes
  • Assisting schools with the implementation of the health and physical curriculum and the development of a health promoting environment
  • Working with the media on public health issues
  • Training professional, community workers and youth peer educators

Specific contracted programmes under public health relate to: communicable disease control in Northland, food and nutrition, tobacco programmes, alcohol and drug programmes, non-communicable diseases (asthma, melanoma), injury prevention programmes, sexual health programmes, community development programmes, physical environments, health promoting schools, environmental health, and community health promotion programmes.


Ph: 09 - 430 4100 or visit: Ministry of Health's website

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