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Northland District Health Board has paid car parking at the Whangārei Hospital campus. Paid car parking is a part of our financial sustainability programme and will allow us to save our very scarce capital funds for improving and renewing our clinical buildings and continue to allow us to grow and develop clinical services in an increasingly tight fiscal environment.

By charging for parking we aim to control the demand, reduce congestion and increase the number of parks we have available. This will reduce the time our visitors need to spend looking for a car park.

Paid Car Parking

Patients, visitors and staff wishing to park on-site at Whangārei Hospital have to pay a parking fee, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm.

The first one (1) hour is free for the public. Weekends and after 5pm during the week is also free. Motorbikes and bicycles can park for free every day.

There are more than 311 ‘public only’ car parks for the public. Of the 311 public car parks there are 33 accessible (disability) parks. The public car parks are highlighted on the map. The main public car park is accessed via Maunu Road (near the main hospital entrance).

If you are visiting the Child Health Centre, Jim Carney Cancer Treatment Centre or Wheelchair Services you will access the public car parks via Hospital Road. There is no fee to drive into the hospital site and drop someone off, as long as you leave within one hour.

Public parking is well signposted. Reserved staff only car parks will have a large blue number painted in the bay. Please do not park in staff only bays.

Our Parking Administrator and the hospital security team are here to help. They will be patrolling the car parks and can also be found at the security desk adjacent to the main entrance.  Call 0800 472 757 to contact the Parking Administrator.

How to Pay

You will receive a parking ticket when you drive into the hospital site which will give you access to the car park. Take this ticket with you - do not leave it in your vehicle. If you are parking at the hospital during the free times there will be no fee but you do need to validate your ticket in a pay machine to enable you to exit the car park.

At the end of your visit and before returning to your vehicle, insert your ticket and pay at one of the automatic payment machines. Pay machines are located in the car parks and inside the foyer of the hospital (near main entrance). The machine will tell you how much you need to pay for parking. You can pay with cash, eftpos or credit card.

Return to your vehicle. Drive to nearest exit and insert your ticket into the machine to raise the barrier arm. If your ticket is unpaid the barrier arm will not rise and you will need to return to the pay machine.


A minimum number of exemptions have been made, i.e. regional health shuttles, emergency vehicles, courier and delivery vehicles, buses, bicycles, staff called in off-site in an emergency situation, motorcycles, renal patients receiving haemodialysis who drive themselves for treatment, Chaplains, blood donors and registered volunteers.

Other exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may include parents of critically ill children, immediate family of long stay patients (patients staying over three weeks), and genuine hardship will be determined on a case-by- case basis.

Exemption application forms are available through your outpatient clinic.

Exemptions will not be made for patients who are held up due to outpatient clinics running over time. As delays can occur for a number of reasons within the hospital, it isn’t practical to make exceptions for each circumstance.

Visit the Shuttles Service page for viable alternatives.

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