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Covid Pool Vehicles

Vehicle bookings for COVID-19 Vaccination

If you want to book a COVID-19 vaccination at the Northland DHB Whangarei site but there are no free bookings, you have the option of booking a Northland DHB car for up to 1.5 hours to visit a local community clinic for your vaccination. 

Use can this form to book a vehicle for this reason.

You can find a list of local Whangarei Vaccination clinics here.

There are two vehicles located at transport services.  At arrival at the transport service office, please present your FULL drivers license for validation.  In return, you will be given the keys to the car you have booked. 


How this works:

  1. If there are no free vaccination slots available, you can book a Northland DHB vehicle through this booking page so you can get a vaccination at a local clinic
  2. At your booked time pick up the keys and car from the transport service office (take your full drivers license with you).
  3. Get your vaccination at a local community clinic (don’t forget to take your vaccination card if this is for your second vaccination).
  4. Ensure you are back within the 1.5 hour time of your car booking – this ensures the car is available for the next booking
  5. As always, ensure you follow the vehicle use policy found here.


Note: In order to book and drive any DHB cars, you must already have authorisation from your GM to do so.


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Available Vehicles
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