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Beating the Bite! Stop Mosquitoes From Breeding

As the warm, humid summer season quickly approaches, Northlanders may be visited by the ever-annoying mosquito while gathering around the BBQ. 

To ensure these pests aren’t invited, you can take simple precautions to prevent them from setting up residence in your backyard: 

  1. Empty all tins, jars, bottles, buckets, plastic bags and other containers that can hold water.  Safely overturn anything you have outside that could hold water.
  2. Dispose of all old tyres, and drill holes in the bottom of tyre swings.
  3. Fill or drain hollows in the ground that could hold water.
  4. Cover venting pipes on septic tanks with mosquito-proof covers.
  5. Seal or cover rainwater tanks.
  6. Keep swimming pools chlorinated, and pumps maintained.
  7. Empty and clean pot plant saucers and drip trays. 
  8. Empty and clean animal and pet drinking water containers. 
  9. Check gutters and drains are clear of standing-water and blockages. Clean them out if they hold standing water. 
  10. Some pot plants such as bromeliads, hold water in their leaves – empty the water out at least once a week, a turkey baster or pipette is a good tool for this.

Go to this website for more information.

You can fight the bite, day and night. You can take precautions to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to darker clothing, so cover up by wearing long sleeved, loose fitting, light coloured clothing.
  • Use a repellent, preferably containing less than 35% diethyltoluamide (DEET).  Always read and follow the instructions.  Apply repellent after sunscreen.
  • Use air conditioning or fans when indoors.
  • Insert screens on windows and doors.
  • Stay away from areas where mosquitoes are most active or breeding, such as stagnant water.
  • Use zip up screens on tents.

Throughout the year the National Public Health service through Ngā Tai Ora (Public Health) Te Tai Tokerau undertakes a mosquito surveillance programme covering all of Northland.  This involves monitoring larval and adult mosquito traps which are set up at strategic positions at ports, airports and around the marine environment adjoining international boat movements, for example, at Marsden Cove Marina, Marsden Point refinery and logport, Opua Marina and Whangarei harbour.

If you have problems with unusual mosquito biting activity please contact either the on-call Health Protection Officer on 094304100, or Debe Anderson on 0212214019.

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