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Health Fund PLUS Enables Parents to Take a Break

The Whangārei Hospital Talipes (also known as Club Foot) Clinic team has found a way to support parents of their young patients when their babies have an Achilles tendon release. 

The Clinic's Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Lyndon Bradley, said because it can be traumatic and upsetting for a parent to hear their child cry when they are not in control, it is far better for the parents to be occupied somewhere well away from the clinic. 

They often suggest that parents head to the café for a break. However, because not all of them can afford to spend money in the café, the team decided to apply to Health Fund PLUS to fund coffee cards, which was approved last month. 

Mr Bradley explained that on the day of the procedure, parents have an extended appointment, essentially taking the whole morning, including cast removal, bathing, and applying anaesthetic topical cream, which meant waiting for this to be effective. 

Then, they have the procedure and must wait to confirm that there are no complications before leaving. 

"A break at the café is very reasonable in this situation. We will know where to find the parents if needed (after the procedure and in case of emergency).

"Most of our families have to travel frequently, take time off work, find transport, etc, so any support we can gain to help them with this treatment journey will bring benefit." 

Health Fund PLUS is a partnership between Northland Community Foundation and Te Whatu Ora in Te Tai Tokerau, focusing on raising funds for projects that sit outside the scope of government funding. 

How to Donate 

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For more information about Health Fund PLUS go to this website - Health Fund PLUS - Northland Community Foundation(external link)

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