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Northland has one of the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates per capita in the country

Yesterday, Northland DHB vaccinated over 881 people, and therefore have one of the highest per capita COVID-19 vaccination rates in New Zealand. 

“Our performance is significantly higher than most other similar sized DHBs,” said chief Executive Dr Nick Chamberlain. 

“Numbers and percentage of the population are much more relevant figures than the comparison with targets.” 

At this stage, Northland’s target is much higher than most other DHBs, which incorrectly indicates we are performing poorly when the numbers tell a very different story. 

8020 doses have been administered so far in Northland. 7110 people have received their first dose of the vaccine; 910 have completed their second dose. 

“Our goal is to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to every eligible person in Northland, which is not about meeting targets but more about ensuring our entire population has the opportunity to be protected against COVID-19,” said Dr Chamberlain.   

“We have currently provided far more vaccinations than nearly every medium-sized DHB and significantly more than Bay of Plenty, which are larger than us and Hawkes Bay and Mid-Central.” 

The week commencing 12 April, our target was the highest in the country at 2.0 percent (4730 vaccinations) for the week, which was higher than Canterbury DHB and Capital and Coast/ Hutt DHBs, each with populations 2-3 times greater than ours. 

The target for week beginning 26 April, ranged from a low of 0.3 percent of total doses to a high of 1.8 percent of total doses, with a median of 1.0 percent. Northland DHBs target is 1.8 percent (the highest). 

The absolute number of vaccinations are as important as the target each week. Our analysis of vaccinations per head of population shows we have completed an excellent rate of immunisation.  We always planned to get to the target at a steadily increasing rate rather than via the early peaks that have been modelled in our target formula. 

“It is very disappointing that media have chosen to only focus on performance against a target rather than celebrate the actual number of people who have chosen to be vaccinated or even better, the number of vaccinations per capita / DHB population. This is a much more accurate measure of a DHB’s performance and ability to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

“Our strategy of vaccinating all over 50-year-olds is necessary as there aren’t enough people eligible in Northland to meet Northland’s very high weekly target. 

“Hence we have had good support from the Ministry of Health to expand the eligible population.”




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