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Service Feedback

Feedback from tangata whaiora (mental health consumers)


“I was referred to the HC by my doctor. I was relieved, really relieved when I was told there was someone there at the practice that could help and see me now. I was going through a really rough time and trying to look after my nana. Things were getting too much for me and I really didn’t know what to do. The HC came right down to my level, listened to what I had to say, what I was going through. She heard me, really heard me you know. She went out of her way to help me and my nana, not that I am selfish or anything but I really needed someone who was there for me this time as her carer and someone who could give me the help I needed. It was such a relief. I was going through such a bad patch with my own depression. It felt like I had had a weight lifted from my shoulders, not having to all this for my nana by myself. Before I just felt so alone, it was just me and nana. The HC helped me in so many ways. I started to take more control of how I was feeling and she (the HC) also helped me to sort out some of the things with my nana - WINZ and stuff. I haven’t been in touch with her (the HC) since this COVID stuff. Just been staying in our bubble, but I know if I needed her again, she would be there. That makes such a difference to me, knowing that she is there if I need her.”


“I was introduced to the HIP after going to see my GP following discharge from Hospital. I had no idea that the service was available. My GP said it was optional but that I might find it helpful so I decided to give it a go. It was really great, really helpful. We worked on some techniques to improve my sleep and to help take my mind off my illness which is long term. It helped me to see that in the moment I could still do stuff. It has been so helpful in ways that I didn’t know it would at the start. The service is incredible. It is invaluable and means that my family and I can get this support from our GP practice straight away. I have learned how to manage things in a different way and if I had known about the service earlier I would have gone early as it has made such a difference to me and how I view living with my condition”. 


“I was first introduced to the HIP by my GP and then to the HC. The HIP helped me with my nerves through showing me a breathing technique. It sounds simple but this has made such a difference to me. She then introduced me to the HC who has developed a healthy lifestyle plan with me. She meets with me to talk about my goals and support what I am doing. It has made such a difference to me to have this support. It has been absolutely helpful and I have been telling everyone I know about this service. The HIP and HC have been amazing and have made a real difference to me. I can’t speak highly enough of the service; it should be available in every GP practice.”


"Great to see a Maori face in this type of role…really got to get to know her…seeing whānaunga…getting more help to get back to life…could really relate to my HC…not too busy for me and…had aroha”
Feedback from General Practices
“We are so happy with our HIP and HC, we probably need 2 more of them as they are already so busy – every practice should have this service, it has made such a difference to us already. I would send someone to see the HIP or HC most days and this has made an amazing difference to how I can offer support to my patients. The HIP also provides a daily mindfulness session to the practice staff and we have all noticed a different vibe in how we work as a practice. I cannot recommend this service strongly enough.” (GP, Bush Road Medical Centre)


"The HIP has been so helpful in the practice. Now that he is working from the Hauora, we can talk to him about the patients that we are worried about and he can follow them up straight away. Also being able to do the CEP/ drug and alcohol work has been important as this is an issue for many of our patients. This service has added a whole new aspect to the care that we provide our whānau. We are a small practice and so having a room is a real problem but staff are happy to make room when the HIP is here because of what he brings to the support that we can provide. I just wish we had a bigger clinic so he could be here full time." (Practice Nurse and GP, Otangarei Hauora)

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