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Advance Care Planning & COVID-19

The following is information from the New Zealand SICG (Serious Illness Conversation Guide) team.

In New Zealand, we are working on supporting our patients and their families (whānau), more than ever, to be considering what matters most to them now and in the future should their health deteriorate.

In preparation for the COVID crisis in New Zealand we have developed a webpage, training and resources to ensure that in the thick of this we remain person-centred and don’t become pandemic-centred.

On our talking COVID webpage we have created an online guide to preparing for the conversation, having the conversations and documenting shared goals of care. We are sharing our work in hope that you find it useful in preparing yourselves, your patients and their families for what lies ahead.

Quick links to key resources:

  • SICG-A guide for patients at risk of deterioration (without a +COVID diagnosis)
  • SICG-C guide for patients with a +COVID diagnosis
  • SICG-W guide for sharing prognosis and gathering information from family about the patient. Please Note: In New Zealand if the patient is unable to decide and they do not have a legally appointed enduring power of attorney, the clinician decides what treatment the patient would have wanted. The family have no legal right to make decisions for patients.

Training resources can be found here.

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