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Hammer Hardware A Tobacco-free Retailer

Hammer Hardware Onerahi owner Glenn Baker has joined the tobacco-free retailer movement and stopped selling tobacco.

Glenn only stocked a small range of tobacco but decided that it was too much hassle to continue doing this.

“More of our customers have stopped smoking and more are attempting to quit so we have sold less and less tobacco. It just made common sense, selling tobacco didn’t actually sit well with me, so it’s a good feeling not to be selling tobacco anymore,” said Glenn.

Northland District Health Board and Cancer Society Northland acknowledged Hammer Hardware Onerahi with the presentation of a Tobacco-free Retailer Award for Glenn’s decision not to sell tobacco products.

There are other retailers selling tobacco close by Glenn says he has not lost any business, in fact it has actually freed up his cash flow.

“We know the more places that sell tobacco in our communities the more likely people are to smoke and the harder it is for people to quit,” says Bridget Rowse, Smokefree Advisor Northland District Health Board.

“There are currently 24 tobacco-free retailers in Northland and we encourage all retailers to seriously consider going tobacco-free. Invest that money into other products that are safer for you, your family and staff to sell and more profitable.”  


If you want more information about becoming a Tobacco-free Retailer or to find other tobacco-free retailers go to www.smokefreeshops.co.nz(external link)

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