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Proposed Waipapa Liquor Store Application Declined

Attribute to: Dr Ankush Mittal, Medical Officer of Health, Health New Zealand – Te Tai Tokerau 

The Far North District Licensing Committee has turned down an application to open the proposed Waipapa Liquor Store on State Highway 10, Waipapa. 

"This represents the sentiment of the people who didn't want another alcohol outlet opening in their place,” noted Dr Mittal, Medical Officer of Health, Health New Zealand Te Tai Tokerau.  

"The community and local agencies raised significant concerns around how alcohol was already impacting local communities, with provision already higher than most of the country." 

After evaluating the totality of the evidence before them, the committee concluded that granting this licence was inconsistent with the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. 

Dr Mittal represented Health New Zealand Te Tai Tokerau and presented evidence that an additional bottle store in the area would be harmful to the community. 

"Waipapa is over-represented in terms of off-licence provision compared to other parts of Northland and New Zealand," Dr Mittal explained. 

"Issuing this licence would have increased local off-licence density to one for every 217 people, which in our view is far too many." 

Twenty public objections were received. Saturation of alcohol off-licences and existing alcohol related harm were common themes, as well as the potential impact of locating a bottle store next to a petrol station. 

In addition, two objections raise the issue of proximity to an existing preschool, proposed school, and residences. 

Others raised concerns about the area's increased traffic build-up and two objected because of the potential increase in noise, graffiti, and vandalism in the area. 

There was also general concern amongst objectors around alcohol related motor vehicle crashes in the Far North area, which were described as some of the highest in the country by the Medical Officer of Health. 

Dr Mittal acknowledged that drinking alcohol is a part of many New Zealanders’ lives. 

“For a significant proportion, the amount and pattern of drinking causes harm to themselves and others.  

“Restrictions on commercial or public availability of alcohol is an important way to reduce harmful use of alcohol by young people and other vulnerable or high risk groups.” 

If you or your whānau want to talk to, or get support from an expert, there is someone who can help near you. Check out Alcohol Support services(external link)


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